The End of the Rainbow…What are YOU living for?

by Nell

What Are You Living For Part 1: The Problem & Diagnosis


What are YOU living for?

Have we lost our pot of gold? Have we lost what we are living for?

Have we lost our pot of gold? Have we lost what we are living for?

What Are You Living For – The Pot of Gold

We’ve heard it before in our youth, the tale of there being a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. We searched for it eagerly when we were kids, and then as we grew older and realized more about the world, we scoffed at our naïve belief in such a tale. But I’m thinking… is it really just a tale?

Literally, perhaps a pot of gold may never be found at the end of any rainbow (I say perhaps, because… who knows?), but metaphorically, what is the pot of gold at the end of our rainbow? What is the treasure that we are searching for in our similar seven banded path of life? Leprechauns search and search, following and chasing after this rainbow and that to find their gold… what are we spending our time chasing after?

What Are You Living For – The Self-Diagnosis

I’ve been thinking about this a lot these days, because… there are days when I get up in the morning and don’t know for what it is that I’m working for. Why am I stressing out so much about work and money? Why am I putting myself out of my comfort zone as I wade around in society? Why am I pushing myself to my limit every single day? It was time for me to revaluate my life. My vision of my own pot of gold had blurred so that I no longer had a purpose. I needed time to revision that image again.

For me, my pot of gold that I was always searching for was just plain happiness. The two reasons I drag myself through life is for my family and also for my faith. I want to be able to provide a comfortable environment for my family and also don’t have to worry about money problems so I can focus on doing work for God. But all these aspirations and the level of my positivism and assertiveness are dependent on the level of my spiritual life.  If my faith is despicably low, then no matter how much “achievement” I seem to be getting in the world, happiness eludes me. Therefore, my vision had faded, my happiness had faded as I strove toward a seemingly unattainable goal, because my daily faith was suffering.

Once I realized my problem, then it was so much easier to get back on track. To start by resolving the root of my problem, then all consequent negative symptoms and “outbreakings” would disappear. I am thankful that I at least was able to diagnose and treat my situation. But I know, that there are many MANY people out there who are not as lucky as me, who are STILL trying to answer the question, “What am I living for?”

This is a question that I cannot answer, nor will I even attempt it, because every single case is different. I cannot forcefully place my methodology on anyone, for it would not fit their situation. But what I can do is offer words of advice, so that hopefully, perhaps by accident, my words may catalyze a solution to somebody’s predicament. And through that, a problem may be able to go on the path of amendment.

In my next post, I invite you to explore with me, how to find that missing link – our happiness – back in our lives. Please read on and continue this journey with me, to freedom, to everlasting happiness.

…What Are You Living For: The Solution…

…To Be Continued…